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deister electronic awarded as Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses 2019

Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses 2019

Press Release

Barsinghausen, July 8th 2019 - deister electronic has been awarded as "Top Employer for Medium-Sized Businesses 2019" by, the leading online job portal for medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries.

With this award the advantages of medium-size employers for job seekers should be into focus and the search for interesting and qualified employers in the middle class should be facilitated.

The special aspect of this award is that it is not based on surveys, which often have low participation rates and therefore only a limited meaningful database. Instead, the access and reading behaviour of users is evaluated on more than 60,000 job advertisements within one year.

The number of users reached, the number of actual readers in % and the number of readers with subsequent action, such as clicking on "Apply now", are evaluated. Subsequently, a "popularity index" for each employer is determined based on these three categories. The 1,000 best-rated companies receive the "Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses 2019" certificate.

Yourfirm founder and managing director Dirk Kümmerle: "Medium-sized companies can certainly make a statement that they are good employers". Fast advancement opportunities, a family environment, appreciation of each individual and a variety of tasks are just some of the reasons that make jobs in medium-sized companies attractive for applicants. These strengths should be emphasized self-confidently in the search for personnel and thus set themselves apart from large corporations. Our certificate is a further quality attribute for attractive employers in medium-sized companies".