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Electronic Access Control Systems

Modern access control with extensive reader portfolio and wireless smartlocks – always the right solution for every door.

Powerful access control

The right solution for every door

doorLoxx® is our comprehensive access control system and provides an easy and cost-effective way to switch from a conventional locking system to a fully-fledged electronic access control system. The extensive product portfolio always offers the optimal solution for every type of door.

Important high-traffic doors such as the main entrance are controlled with an online reader and controller. Office doors and meeting rooms can be managed at the click of a mouse using offline cylinders and electronic fittings. All other conventional keys are automatically managed in our electronic key cabinets.


This means that every door in the building can be integrated cost-efficiently and according to the requirements whilst being manageable via software.

deister credentials offer the highest level of security and use the latest secure MIFARE® DESFire technology with customised CryptoKey handling.

"We are very satisfied with the hardware and software from deister electronic. The intelligent systems meet all our requirements. We can now easily and accurately track who has access where and when."

Johann Penner, Chairman of the ECG Hanover

"After the initial installation, the delivered devices worked 100% flawlessly without us having to take any further care of them. Our system partner deister electronic really has a clean slate here!"

Peter Matz, Managing Director at GemiTeam Gesellschaft für Software-Systeme mbH

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OSS Card is held against digital cylinder
digital safe behind wire mesh fence
Application KPx6 reader

Online reader

Elegant and high quality

Access control readersKeypad readersFlush-mounted readers
PRx access control readers overview black and white readers

Access control readers

One reader, all technologies

The timeless design provides a high-quality look and deister electronic's proven reading performance ensures fast and smooth operation. The readers are available in three different shapes to match the available space at the door. The reader's LEDs clearly indicate the status to the user. Even users with a red/green deficiency can recognise the status of the reader based on the LED positions. The readers feature a replaceable cover. Even after many years of use, you can make it look like brand new just by replacing the reader cover.

In addition to proven reading technologies such as MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire, Bluetooth® and NFC™ are also supported. The readers have an open interface (Triple Technology™) to retrofit existing or future technologies, so you remain future-proof with the Infinity Readers™.

  • Highest quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote firmware update
  • Triple Technology™
  • Available in two colours (Cosmic Black & Astral Grey)
  • Interchangeable cover

All readers

KPx keypad readers overview

Keypad readers

For cards and PINs

The keypad readers have a high-quality keypad with backlit keys and are available in three designs. The separately arranged LEDs clearly indicate the status to the user and the keypad provides haptic, visual as well as acoustic feedback. The reader's LEDs clearly show the status to the user. The keypad provides additional haptic, visual and acoustic feedback.  Even users with a red/green deficiency can recognise the status of the reader based on the LED positions. The readers feature a replaceable cover. Even after many years of use, you can make it look like brand new just by replacing the reader cover.

Like the PRx access readers, the KPx keypad readers have an open interface (Triple TechnologyTM) to retrofit existing or future technologies.

  • Highest quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote firmware update
  • High-quality keypad with illuminated keys
  • Triple TechnologyTM
  • Available in two colours (Cosmic Black & Astral Grey)
  • Replaceable cover

All readers

Flush-mounted readers

Flush-mounted readers

Our technology, your design

Our PRx 4 flush-mounted reader fits into any conventional flush-mounted box and can therefore be concealed. Whether you want to integrate it into other devices or install it with its own housing to match your design - there are no limits to your creativity.

  • Highest quality
  • Compact design suitable for conventional flush-mounted boxes
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote firmware update
  • Triple TechnologyTM

All readers

Offline reader

Battery powered readers

Electronic cylinderElectronic door fittingElectronic lockElectronic cabinet lockDigital safeWCU 2 Offline door control
Electronic cylinder with RFID

Electronic cylinder

Easy to upgrade

Just like a mechanical cylinder, the electronic cylinder can be installed in just a few steps. No drilling or other modifications to the door are required because the design is identical. The basic cylinder bodies can be ordered in five different installation lengths, including a half cylinder, and can also be adjusted in length directly during installation using spacers, meaning that the length can be adjusted in 5 mm steps from 30/30 to 45/75.

  • Installation length can still be adjusted during installation
  • Best quality - Made in Germany
  • Fast reading speed
Electronic door fitting with RFID

Electronic door fitting

Suitable for every door

The electronic fitting suits any door with its slim and simple design. The handle can be selected from four different models, depending on its use on solid or tubular frame doors. For mounting, the same drill holes as for a conventional fitting can be used.

The cover plate allows the parallel use of the existing cylinder for secure door locking or the elegant covering of the cylinder opening. The exchangeable cover plate allows adaptation to doors with different distances between handle and cylinder. The Digital Handle adapts perfectly to any door.

  • Suitable for every door
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Additional mechanical locking cylinder (optional)
  • Simple battery change


Electronic lock with RFID

Electronic lock

Design meets security

The electronic motor lock has been developed for self-locking locks and combines security with design. The simple design can be discreetly combined with the design of the door handle and offers maximum freedom in the choice of shape and colour.

In addition, the electronic lock offers more security because neither damage nor forcible removal of the housing or electronics allows access to the lock mechanism inside the door.

  •     Maximum freedom for design
  •     More security
  •     Different designs to suit every door
Electronic cabinet lock with RFID

Electronic cabinet lock

Secure storage of valuables in lockers or wardrobes - with the reliable and electronic locker and furniture lock from deister electronic. The elegant and timeless electronic lock does not require any cables, can be installed quickly and is easy to manage thanks to our Commander Connect software. Connecting the lock and integrating it into professional building and asset management software is therefore no problem at all.

  • Available with different levers
  • Attractive design, suitable for many office furniture, lockers and wardrobes
  • Easy to assemble
Digital safe

Digital safe

The battery-operated Digital Safe is a rugged key safe for outdoor and indoor use. Its weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for any weather. The Digital Safe is opened contactlessly with an access card or via an app - the reading technology can be freely selected and all popular reading technologies such as MIFARE®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported. This means that the Digital Safe can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing access control system and can be opened with the same credentials. The Digital Safe can also be flush mounted, providing the best possible mechanical protection. Weather impacts are also minimised by this type of installation.

  • 70 mm diameter
  • Enough space for ISO cards and large bunches of keys
  • Independent of local IT infrastructure 
  • Standalone capable
  • Weatherproof IP65 metal housing
  • Content monitoring
Door with built-in reader in the wall

WCU 2 Offline door control

Reader with integrated door control

The WCU 2 door control module is a reader with integrated inputs and outputs. It only requires a power supply, but is otherwise integrated into the system like an electronic cylinder.

Wherever an existing online reader is to be replaced and the functionality of an electronic cylinder is not sufficient, the WCU 2 is the ideal solution.

  • Integration into the system, like an offline reader
  • Only power cabling required
  • Available with integrated or remote reader


Intelligent door control

1-door controller Interface module8-door controllerReader extension modulePeriphery expansion module
STC 1 Controller

1-door controller


The STC 1 P is a 1-door controller for electronic access control systems and access control. The STC 1 P itself has no reader ports or I/Os and must be operated together with the DCU 2 interface module. The DCU 2 provides the necessary reader port and I/Os for connecting the peripheral devices. 

The DIN rail housing can be easily installed in the control cabinet or under the ceiling to save space. Modern and secure reading protocols such as OSDP or a transparent reader mode are supported. Own cryptology keys can also be used via a SIM card slot. 

The STC 1 P is powered by PoE and is CloudReady and thus suitable for operation on-premise as well as via the cloud.

  • Top-hat rail housing enables easy installation
  • POE power supply
  • CloudReady
DCU 2 Controller

Interface module


The DCU 2 door control unit is an interface module for controlling a door. The DCU 2 can only be operated in conjunction with the STC 1 P.

The DCU 2 is equipped with four inputs, two of them designed as "Supervised Input", and two potential-free relay outputs.

The top-hat rail housing can be easily installed in the control cabinet or under the ceiling to save space. Modern and secure reader protocols such as OSDP or a transparent reader mode are supported.

  • Top-hat rail housing allows easy installation 
  • 4x inputs, 2x supervised
  • 2x relay outputs
  • 1 RS485 reader port, max. two readers 
  • OSDP, OSDP crypt, deBus, deBus crypt
OCU 8 Controller

8-door controller


The OCU 8 is an 8-door controller for electronic access control systems and vehicle access control. The OCU 8 has 4x RS485 reader ports, to each of which up to two readers can be connected. It has 8x I/Os for connecting peripheral devices. The DIN rail housing can be easily installed in the control cabinet or under the ceiling to save space. Modern and secure reader protocols like OSDP or transparent reader mode are supported. Own cryptology keys can also be used via a SIM card slot. The OCU 8 is powered by an external power supply and can control additional readers or peripherals via expansion modules. The OCU 8 controller is CloudReady and thus suitable for operation on-premise as well as via the cloud.

  • Top-hat rail housing enables easy installation 
  • CloudReady 
  • 8x I/Os 
  • 4 RS485 reader ports, max. 8 readers 
  • OSDP, OSDP crypt, deBus, deBus crypt 
  • 100.000 users can be managed 
  • 500.000 event buffers 
  • Can be extended by expansion modules


OEU 8 Controller

Reader extension module


The OEU 8 expansion module has four RS485 reader connections, eight potential-free relay outputs (four changeover and four make contacts) and eight digital, potential-free inputs. With this extension unit, the OCU 8 controller can be supplemented with the control option of up to eight additional doors.

The extension unit is automatically recognised by the Controller OCU 8. Via the built-in LEDs, the device status as well as the switching states of the inputs and outputs can be easily recognised on site, simplifying installation and commissioning.

  • Easy installation
  • Prepared for DIN rail mounting
  • Adds four reader ports, eight digital inputs and eight relay outputs (four changeover and four make contacts) to the OCU 8 controller
  • Includes all necessary I/Os and reader interfaces for controlling up to eight doors
OEU 10/10 Controller

Periphery expansion module

OEU 10/10

The OEU 10/10 expansion module has ten potential-free relay outputs with changeover contacts and ten digital, potential-free inputs. This extension unit can be used for a wide variety of applications, for example for integration in elevator systems. Thus, the OCU 10/10 can control up to ten floors of an elevator system per extension unit. The extension unit is automatically recognized by the OCU 8 controller. The device status and all switching states are indicated by LEDs. This simplifies installation and commissioning.

  • Prepared for top hat rail mounting - Easy installation
  • Adds ten digital inputs and ten relay outputs to the OCU 8 controller
  • Includes all necessary I/Os for the control of elevator systems with up to ten floors

Ident media

The secure ID card

deister’s Cipher Card®Upgrade old cards
Application photo RFID reader

deister’s Cipher Card®

Secure card technology for modern businesses

The Cipher Card® is deister's highly secure access card that meets today's security and management requirements. The Cipher Card® provides highly secure encryption of access and user data, while offering flexibility for additional applications on our customers' cards.

  • Highly secure 128 bit AES encrypted
  • Based on MIFARE® DESFire technology
  • Customized crypto keys
  • Open for additional applications


ISO Cards

Upgrade old cards

Cost-efficient transition to a secure future

We will gladly support you in transitioning from your existing access control system to our modern access control system. We can make the transition comfortable and seamless for your users by, for example, making our access control readers temporarily compatible with the existing ones and our new ID media. Once everyone has received a new ID card, the old technology is switched off at the click of a mouse - so together we can create a smooth transition to a secure future.

  • Flexible readers that read old and new ID cards
  • Advice and support for a seamless transition

Benefits of our solution

Person holds transponder in front of closed door

Highly secure, yet simply managed

Simple and safe - It's possible

Security and simplicity are difficult to combine. Our doorLoxx® access control solution was designed with security in mind right from the start. Security-by-design enables easy handling of credentials and readers without compromising on security.

Application photo Card is held on digital cylinder

Cost efficiency

The right solution for every door

Not every door is the same, therefore not every reader is suitable for every door. There are different types of doors in a building (e.g. from the main entrance to the office door) with varying security requirements. With our extensive product portfolio, we provide the appropriate, cost-effective solution for every door.




Bluetooth interface



Using smartphones as ID cards offers completely new possibilities and flexibility and can be used in our access control system as an alternative or as the only ID for a user. For this purpose, both the online readers and the battery-powered readers can be equipped with a BLE interface.

Our app and cloud infrastructure provide highly secure communication between devices to meet current IT security standards. The data remains highly encrypted from its origin in our software until it is processed in the reader.



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Hafven Hannover

The Hafven - Hanover's innovative, combined coworking space and maker area - relies on an intelligent and holistic security solution from deister electronic. It keeps unauthorised persons out without restricting the creative community's freedom of movement.


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ECG Hanover Building

ECG Hanover

An intelligent, user-friendly access control and key management system from deister electronic ensures enhanced security and transparency at the community center of the Evangelical Christian Church (ECG) in Hanover.


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Application photo wiener wohnen

Wiener Wohnen

A complete electronic access control solution with scheduling for all laundry rooms in the residential complexes managed by Wiener Wohnen Haus- & Außenbetreuung GmbH has been developed by the Regensburg-based systems house GemiTeam GmbH together with ACONDA systems GmbH based in Vienna. Each RFID reader was pre-tested by deister electronic and delivered in consistently high quality.



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