RHx1 xx

RHx1 xx

Kategorie doorLoxx


Specially developed for long-life battery operation the reader heads are fitted with an extremely efficient battery saving wake-up mechanism. When a transponder is held in front of them, all readers are activated by "Wake On RFID" functionality and operating in a fraction of a second. All reader heads are equipped with a clock and Airlink radio network capability. Further developments have optimized Airlink energy efficiency to a premium, so that it can also remain switched on if necessary. A more powerful reading field is required to read highly encrypted ID cards such as mifare DESFire EV1 and LEGIC advant, which is why all readers are equipped with a particularly effective reader antenna to facilitate maximum ranges. The reader head is screwed on from the rear.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Extrem batteriesparend, damit standardmäßig „Wake On RFID“
  • Lesetechnologie Plug & Play wechselbar
  • Leseantenne optimiert auf hochverschlüsselte Transponder
  • Uhr und Airlink eingebaut
  • Software jederzeit über Airlink ladbar
  • In allen doorLoxx-Produkten einsetzbar