forklifter with goods on pallet building

RFID solutions for retail, logistics and industry

Simple and reliable Identification via RFID

Production areas have changed tremendously over the last couple of years. Typical characteristics are: Strong fluctuations in incoming orders, a trend to short term orders, the demand for specific customer products and the sinking forecast value of costs and market tendencies. Because of continuous global competition, many companies feel very pressured to offer their clients high quality products for a comparable or lower price.

Here, innovative processes as well as a high process efficiency are of importance, since this affects both areas, business competitive ability, and the technical progress of products and plants. The use of automatic identification systems, particularly logident products offer a large optimisation potential in many applications in the area of logistics and production.

Time consuming search and acquisition procedures of goods or containers are not more necessary.

High timeliness of data

deister electronic's read and write devices can be used in general for every inventory management system where frequently moved goods need to be located and recorded.

During inventory, re-packing is not required. A visual contact between reader and transponder is sufficient for the identification of goods. Within all areas of logistics the writing/reading devices from logident provide a high availability of goods and resources, while signaling early shortfalls and movement.

Antenna and reader optimally combined

deister electronic's write/read devices are very easily installed since the antenna and the reader are fitted in one case.

Both components are perfectly inter-coordinated and therefore a quick and easy installation and immediate productivity is a given. Trimming or alligning of the antenna and antenna cables is history. Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, RS485 and other interfaces provide a secure connection to systems like ERP, LVS and more.

The use of standard cables provides easy and fast installation. Antenna and reader are united in one housing and adjusted perfectly by factory standards.

HF and UHF from one source

HF and UHF writing/reading devices for different reading ranges and applications has been especially developed for the industry, trade and logistics. Both technologies offer safe and quick identification of static and also moving objects.

With reader on conveyors you will know exactly where to find your goods in the production process. Identifying articles on forklifts or stationary gates, will optimise the process and decrease error quotes.


Realisation of a constant identification of products on the entire added value chain, from the commencement of production to the disposal.

Compatible with many systems

Complex digital I/Os interfaces and service functionality of all logident products offer high flexibilty for optimal solutions, for different applications and to use already existing systems.