deister electronic Connected Systems

Link & connect different solutions

Events from one system can automatically interact with another system improving functionality and triggering alerts. All the events and management information are available in one software, the Commander Connect, further improving efficiency and saving time.

deister electronic commander connect software

Commander Connect

One software for all systems

Commander Connect software seamlessly connects the systems from the deister product range. All systems can be managed, configured and connected with the same software. The Commander Connect can be scaled with different software modules to match the applications requirements. Reports can be customized to match user requirements.

Commander 4

Take command of your resources

Commander 4 is the security management platform for keys, vehicles, shared portable equipment and much more. The architecture of Commander 4 means it is easy to deploy. There is no client software to install so it is a solution that is certain to get the approval from your IT department. You on the other hand are free to manage the resources of your business from anywhere on the corporate network.

You do not need to adapt to Commander; it adapts to you. It is easy to implement and you only need to implement features than you want with the reassurance that you can add them later should your needs change.

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Supported Systems

Together strong

If systems work together, data can be exchanged and functions become smarter. For example, if access control is connected to key management, the authorized access at the front door can become a safety check before access to certain keys in a key management cabinet is granted.In similar ways various applications like fleet management, access control, smart cameras and others can be connected and work as a complete system.


Secure Wireless Connection

airLink is a secure wireless interface developed by deister to allow all deister components to wirelessly communicate with each other. All data is AES128 encrypted. Different power levels and multiple channels in the ISM band are used to ensure optimal reading range.

deister electronic airlink usb stick notebook

deister electronic commander connect cloud drawing

deister Cloud

Always connected

The deister Cloud secures the communication over the mobile phone network and the internet. All data remain encrypted while being stored in the deister cloud. Data is only decrypted once it is accessed on a PC or used by deister devices. That way data always remains safe and secure.


AES128-bit encryption

The deBus is a proprietary protocol developed by deister electronic using a RS485 interface. It is highly secure using a AES128-bit encryption. All deister systems and products are deBus compatible. That way deister products and systems are easily be integrated and connected.

deister electronic debus cable plug commander connect