Security 2016 in Essen

Integrated Security Systems for Smart Building Security

Visit us on the Security 2016 in Essen. We invite you to a hands-on experience how different security systems can be seamlessly integrated into one complete building security system. Being the developer and manufacturer of all our systems, all our products and systems naturally work together and integration becomes easy. 

With ease our offline Access Control System can be connected to our smart cameras. Or integrate our Key Management System seamlessly with our Online Access Control System. From AVI to people tracking, from access control to camera surveillance, everything can be connected to one system controlled by one software.

Our solutions for Smart Building Security

deister electronic hand taking out key electronic cabinet

Key Management

Manage keys in electronic key cabinets. Only authorized users have access. All removals and returns are automatically tracked by the systems. You can also intragte the key management systems with your access control system.

deister electronic doorloxx digital locking system hand opens door with transponder

Online and Offline Access Control

With our digital cylinders, locks and Smart Handles as well as online readers, update readers and controllers you can create the perfect access control system tailored to your needs.

deister electronic access control reader hand with transponder card

Access Control Components

Best in class readers, credentials and controllers for all popular reading technologies. We also offer multi technology readers that make the transfer from one reading technology to another much easier.

People Tracking

Define zones and track people moving inside your building. Every person wears an active transponder which is localized whenever a person exits or enters a zone. The system can also lock or unlock doors and can be integrated with alarm systems.

deister electronic proxsafe smart storage hand puts device in electronic locker

Smart Storage

Keep and manage equipment, items and valuables in our smart storage cabinets. Access is only granted to authorized users and all removals and returns are automatically tracked by the system. The cabinets can also manage the removals in an intelligent way based on different criterias defined beforehand.

deister electronic datalog guard tour hand at checkpoint

Guard Tour Systems

Professionell guard tour systems based on RFID to protect and control guarding services.

Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras with extremly powerful hardware for clever algorithms that can also be programmed by third party developers. Our smart cameras can be fully integrated with other security systems from our portfolio such as offline access control to increase security and reduce the amount of false alarms.

deister electronic parking area garage AVI gate

Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Precise and reliable long range identification based on passive or active UHF Technology. AVI based on UHF is ideal for parking and traffic management, reduces queues at gates and provides reliable access control under all weather conditions.