IFSEC International London

Integrated Systems for Smarter Building Security

We invite you to visit out stand at IFSEC 2017 in London and talk to our team about the range of security products we offer. We now have one solution for every door. From managing the keys, advanced wireless locks and traditional online access control - all working together - as one.

At IFSEC we will show a range of different security systems that seamlessly integrate into one complete building security system. As the developer and manufacturer all our products and systems naturally work together making integration very straightforward and easy.

We are also pleased to announce that we have recently obtained CPNI approval for our readers and cards.

Our solutions for Smart Building Security

deister electronic hand taking out key electronic cabinet

Key Management

Keys remain a vital part of any business controlling access to critical areas and high value equipment.   Our key management systems can restrict who is allowed access to individual keys.  Knowing who, when and where they are means you are always in control and people feel more accountable meaning less lost keys.

deister electronic doorloxx digital locking system hand opens door with transponder

Online and Offline Access Control

Battery powered digital cylinders and smart handles that can form part of a new or existing access control system with no need for wires to the door. Exceptional long battery life combined with the innovative flexibility to adapt the product at point of installation to fit many door types puts it at the top of its class.

deister electronic access control reader hand with transponder card

Access Control Components

Are your cards, readers and how they connect to your system secure?  Even if you are using an encrypted solution it could be broken.  Upgrading to a secure solution need not be painful.  We have a number of options on how to make the transition easy.  Some products have the independent assurance of CPNI approval. 

People Protection

Protect people moving around the inside of your building.  High performance wearable technology that provides localised detection whenever a person enters or leaves a zone. Ideal for protection and safety within critical applications. The system can also form part of an access control system or integrated with alarm systems.

deister electronic proxsafe smart storage hand puts device in electronic locker

Smart Storage

Manage company assets, such as tablets, tools and equipment ensuring they are ready and battery powered devices are fully charged for when they are needed. Grant access of individual items only to authorised users. Increased accountability reduces damage and ensures the likelihood that items are returned on time with emails sent if they are overdue. 

deister electronic datalog guard tour hand at checkpoint

Proof of Visit Systems

Systems with advanced capabilities to ensure you have that important information on when patrol visits or other service industry checks were done. It works by fixing small checkpoints at the points around the building to be checked. Employees use a sturdy handheld data collector to read these points to record the time visited. 

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras that include video analytics. Edge based analytics can reduce system bandwidth demands and make better decisions by separating the unusual from the mundane. Video can be transmitted from the camera only after being prioritised by the analytics. Includes the ability to add optional 3rd party developed applications.

deister electronic parking area garage AVI gate

Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Fast, reliable and accurate long range automatic vehicle identification eliminates traffic queues at parking entrances and exits providing positive identification in all weathers. Ideal for parking, traffic management and hands-free driver access or to control restricted traffic in city centres and airports.  Seamlessly integrates to other control systems using standard interfaces.