• CRD 7 Kxx

CRD 7 Kxx

Category Key Management Systems

Log key movements and record time attendance

The reader station CRD 7 K is a perfect combination of extremely secure smart card reader and a display to provide users with information. The equally integrated 125 kHz reader makes it possible to migrate from the non-secure 125 kHz technology to modern, secure 13.56 MHz smart card technologies.

The reader station CRD 7 K is equipped with an Ethernet interface and can, as a consequence, communicate locally as well as beyond building envelopes with the PC software to be controlled. The integrated card readers are equipped with an updateable memory so it will be possible to load future card technologies, cryptology protocols as well as simple changes to functions into the deister RFID reader at any time.

In particular, that makes security-relevant changes possible without having to modify the hardware.

The integrated keypad provides an added level of security.  

Adding the CRD 7 K to an existing proxSafe installation as a key tracer provides you with an elegant solution to manage the process of handing over of a key from one user to another at locations not furnished with key cupboard; what's more, the proxSafe Commander software keeps you abreast of all changes. As a time attendance recording terminal it is possible to record attendance times, which often suffices as an uncomplicated attendance recording system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Dual-frequency reader supports migration to more secure smart cards
  • Compatible with most systems thanks to open, programmable interfaces
  • Colour and design can be changed at any time using replaceable "covers"
  • Load new software versions at any time

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