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Watch transponder

The UTA transponder is a major component in the amanTag Human Protection System. It can be used as a standalone device, or in a network. When someone enters a locator's transmit field, the transponder is activated and sends the device locator ID together with its own transponder identifier to the corresponding transceiver. When the device is used as a dementia transponder, an alarm is triggered immediately if an associated companion/mother transponder is not simultaneously present in the same detection field; the alarm is switched through the built-in isolated contact in the transceiver or forwarded to a third-party system via an interface. The transponder is designed to be worn on the wrist mounted on a watch strap. Available with or without a watch face sticker.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to set up
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Alarm signal to LCA 500 T / 700 T for low battery level
  • Customer can replace the battery
  • May be used as a dementia, companion or mother transponder, or as a dementia transponder with watch face sticker
  • Comfortable to wear

People safety and asset protection systems

An advanced identification and localisation system that has a wide range of applications. amanTag provides a real-time monitoring system that is secure and easy to implement. High performance tags protect valuable exhibits in museums, paintings in galleries, track high risk wandering patients, safety for workers in hazardous environments and the protection of babies on a maternity ward. Protect and be safe with amanTag.