• LCA 700 T - LCA 700

LCA 700 T - LCA 700

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Power locator with transceiver

The locator LCA 700 T is a major component in the amanTag Human Protection System. It simultaneously receives and processes the signals from the amanTag Human Protection Transponder. It transmits a constant wake-up signal with a location code to a range of up to 7 m.

An 868 MHz transceiver is integrated for bidirectional communication with the transponders.

The locator is able to operate as a standalone device or online. The LCA 700 extends the wake-up field of the location code by up to 7 m synchronously with the LCA 700 T, should you wish to extend the wake-up range (locator field).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Wake-up field extension possible with the LCA 700 or LCA 500.
  • Standalone and online operation
  • Multiple devices can be combined

People safety and asset protection systems

An advanced identification and localisation system that has a wide range of applications. amanTag provides a real-time monitoring system that is secure and easy to implement. High performance tags protect valuable exhibits in museums, paintings in galleries, track high risk wandering patients, safety for workers in hazardous environments and the protection of babies on a maternity ward. Protect and be safe with amanTag.