• ALE 50

ALE 50

Category Digital Locking Systems

Airlink Express

The Airlink Express ALE 50 is the Airlink router that offers the highest performance. It connects to the Ethernet and the WLAN network. A deBus partyline interface makes it possible to connect a maximum of 8 Airlink Spot routers, which are also supplied at the same time with power by the ALE 50. The Airlink Express has its own real-time clock and memory to temporarily store doorLoxx authorization profiles, disabled (blacklisted) data carriers and transaction data. That means a permanent connection to the server is not necessary. The Airlink Express manages temporarily stored data. When connected to the Ethernet it is possible to access the ALE 50 from any location with an Internet connection to assign parameters or download transaction data.

This functionality allows a single ALE 50 to control up to 64 door release units – and it can also be networked with other ALE 50 routers. Configured with a second RS485 interface it is possible to connect the ALE 50 to further wire-bound access control systems.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely secure – AES encrypted data communications
  • Modular design facilitates extension to network coverage with ALS 20 Airlink Spots
  • Excellent basis for best-possible reception
  • Integrated real-time clock for offline operations
  • Compatible with LAN and WLAN networks

Digital Locking Systems

An access control system that can be fitted to standard mechanical locks allowing them to be wirelessly connected without the need to modify the door. doorLoxx digital locking components are available as battery powered digital cylinders and smart handles. doorLoxx can form part of a new or existing access control system with no need for wires to the door, exceptional long battery life combined with the innovative flexibility to adapt the product at point of installation to fit many types of door puts doorLoxx at the top in its class.