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deister Cloud

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The deister Cloud makes it possible to transport data from different applications across the mobile network. No matter if data collected during a guard tour is transmitted with the aid of guardiX Connect or it is necessary to assign new access rights or a software update is required – everything works perfectly via the deister Cloud!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Application data where it is needed at the click of a mouse 
  • End-to-end data encryption ensures highest level of data security 
  • All data stored in the cloud is encrypted 
  • Decryption key stored in end devices only 
  • SSL protected transmission paths 
  • deister electronic responsible for administration  
  • Server located in Germany

deister – innovative products and solutions

The name deister electronic has been synonymous with innovative RFID products and solutions in the fields of security and automatic identification for more than 35 years. Our portfolio of products is used to manage keys and valuable objects, for vehicle identification, access control as well as logistics and automation technology. Developing and marketing new technologies as well as interfaces between products and systems forms the basis to create flexible solutions for customer-specific applications.


The top priority of cloud services is the security and integrity of your data. That is why we decided on a server located in Germany.

The resolute client principle including customer-specific codes means it is utterly impossible for your data to become mixed with other data or for anyone to gain unsupervised access to data belonging to other users.

Data encryption from the beginning to the end of the transmission path ensures that all network nodes and the deister cloud itself carry only encrypted data, and that it is impossible for non-authorized parties to carry out an evaluation.